This page describes how to install elasticHPC Client and make it ready for use.


ElasticHPC Client requires the following libraries to be installed:


Download Package from page

Pull the recent dev build from SVN reprository


for ease of use, elasticHPC-Client supports saving AWS credentials in a config file so the user doesn’t have to provide the credentials everytime using the program Save a file (with name you want) in the following format in ${EHPC_HOME}/conf/NAME_OF_FILE.conf


For Service Providers, they can set the AMI_ID across differnet regions in client.conf, so that the users don’t need to set AMI_ID everytime.

Format of Configuration File

        pkey: /path/to/pk.pem
        cert: /path/to/cert.pem
        accessKey: AKIAJ.....
        secretKey: aK8........
        keyPairPath: /path/to/pemfile
        securityGroup: HPCloud

then when you to deal with the client just pass –conf=NAME_OF_FILE_CREATED and the credentials will be loaded from it

Security Group Configuration

The Client allows you to configure an old security group with the Library requirements or to create a new one security group on AWS

Creating a new security group

>>> ./EHPC-Client --new-group -sg=GROUP_NAME -r=REGION
Example 1
/EHPC-Client --new-group -sg=elasticHPC -r=EU1

Configure Security Group

>>> ./EHPC-Client --authorize -sg=GROUP_NAME
``./EHPC-Client --authorize -sg=elasticHPC -r=EU1``