Get Files


This section shows how to get files from the main node to local machine


  • This command can utilize scp to transfer data, it needs path to pem file.
  • If you don’t provide path to pem file, files will fetched through XML message


>>> ./EHPC-Client --files-get OPTIONS
All parameters should be in format parameter=value
    --domain, -d                domain of the main node to interact with
    --output-files              list of files to send to the cloud
    --key-pair-path             path to the key pair private file
    -id                         id of the operations
    --owner, -o                 owner of the operation
    --destination               where to save the transferred files

Example 1

copy file /home/...../data1.fasta and /home/......./data2.fasta to main node at

./EHPC-Client --files-send --outFiles='/home/......./data1.fasta,/home/......./data2.fasta'


list of uploaded files

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