Install a cluster


Extend a cluster from an already started AWS Main Node .


>>> ./EHPC-Client --install -d='domain' OPTIONS
Note: all options should be in form parameter=value
        --help, -h                prints help
        --name                    Name of cluster created default HPC-cloud
        --log-File                path to a file to log progress to
        --emulate                 Print the commands which will run but nothing will be done on AWS
AWS Credentials
        --private-Key, -pk        path of the private file
        --certificate, -cert      path of the cert file
        --conf                    take credentials from preconfigured file
S3 as Shared FS
        --accessKey, -ak           access key (required for S3FS)
        --secretKey, -sk           Secret Access Key (required for S3FS)
        --s3-bucketname, -s3b      bucket to use as S3FS
        --s3-mountPoint            Mount point for S3FS, default /s3
        --s3-temp                  temp directory for S3FS, default /tmp
        --configure-s3             Configure AWS S3 tool to be able to copy and get S3 data from your buckets
        --nfs-mountPoint           Mount point for NFS, default /nfs
        --nfs-newVolume            Create New Volume as it as NFS point
        --nfs-attchVolume          Attach existing EBS volume as NFS point
        --nfs-device               Device to add Vol as, default /dev/sdf
Nodes Configuration
        --key-pair, -kp             key pair to start compute nodes with, default Current KeyPair
        --security-group, -sg       security group for compute nodes, default Current Security Group
        --instances-type, -t        instance type of all nodes
        --nodes-count, -n           number of the cluster machines
Main Node Configuration
        --mainNodePBSCores          Number of cores to set for PBS Torque on the main node
Extra Nodes configuration
        --extra-nodes-type          Instance type of extra nodes
        --extraMachinesPBSCores     Number of cores used by PBS torque for extra machines
Note: you have to provide --extraMachinesPBSCores in case to you set the compute nodes type differnet from main node

command line examples

Example 1

create cluster of m1.xlarge containing 4 machines with an already running machine ‘’ with its Keypair and Security group and use eg.HPCloud as S3 bucket and mount on /s3

./EHPC-Client --install -d='' --conf=default -t=m1.xlarge -n=4 -s3b=eg.HPCloud --s3-mountPoint=/s3 --access-key=jsjhsjhsjytety --secret-key=339803/i839



Example 2

create a cluster which has a running main node of type ‘xlarge’ and has 4 extra machines of type ‘m1.large’

./EHPC-Client --install --domain='' --conf=default --extra-nodes-type=m1.large -n=5 --extraMachinesPBSCores=2 --extra-nodes-types=m1.large

Example 3

create a 4 nodes cluster with NFS shared folder on a new volume of 100 GB

./EHPC-Client --install --conf=default --nfs-mountPoint=/nfs --nfs-newVolume=100 -n=4 -t=m1.large


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