Run a job


Runs a job on an already created cluster.


This mode is a blocking mode, the task will completed only when the process is completed on the cloud and file fetch back to the local machine.


>>> ./EHPC-Client --run -d=domain Options
--id              The job id, default=1
--owner,-o        The job owner default 'pbs'
        if owner is system, the commad will execute on the command line as root
        if owner is ubuntu, the command will execute on the command line as ubuntu
        if owner is otherwise, this will be a PBS Torque Job
--command         Command to run
--input-files     list of input files to transfer to cloud cluster
--output-files    list of output files to fetch from cloud cluster
--force-files     stop checking that files exist in the command

command line examples

Example 1

Run Emboss seqret on /home/user/file1 and get the result on /result/seqret/output

./EHPC-Client --run --domain='' --id=3 --owner=john --commmand='seqret -sequence /home/user/file1 -outseq /result/seqret/output -feature Yes' --input-files=/home/user/file1 --output-files=/result/seqret/output

Example 2

Run a tool with two input files(/home/user/profile1,/home/user/profile2) and fetch the produced outfile.

./EHPC-Client --run --domain='' --id=3 --owner=john --commmand='clustalw2 -profile -profile1 /home/user/clustalw/profile1 -profile2 /home/user/clustalw/profile2 -out /home/user/clustalw/output' --inputFiles='/home/user/clustalw/profile1,/home/user/clustalw/profile2' --outFiles='/home/user/clustalw/output'

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