Start an instance


Starts an instance from any AMI on AWS.


>>> ./EHPC-Client --start OPTIONS
Note: all options should be in form parameter=value
        --help, -h                prints help
        --region, -r              region of interest EU1,USE1,USW1,Asia1
        --name                    Name of cluster created default HPC-cloud
        --amiID, -ami             ID of AMI to load
        --log-File                path to a file to log progress to
        --emulate                 Print the commands which will run but nothing will be done on AWS
AWS Credentials
        --private-Key, -pk        path of the private file
        --certificate, -cert      path of the cert file
        --conf                    take credentials from preconfigured file
Nodes Configuration
        --key-pair, -kp             key pair to start compute nodes with, default Current KeyPair
        --security-group, -sg       security group for compute nodes, default Current Security Group
        --instances-type, -t        instance type of all nodes
        --user-data                 data to be sent to the machine

command line examples

Example 1

create cluster of AMI ami-898989 of m1.xlarge in eu-west-1 with KeyPair HPCloud-Key and set the security group to HPCloud and use

EHPC-Client --start --conf=default -r=EU1 -t=m1.xlarge -kp=HPCloud-Key -sg=HPCloud -ami=ami-898989



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