Terminate EMR Cluster


This shows how to terminate an EMR (Elastic Map Reduce) cluster on AWS


  • to save your credentials, so that you don’t pass them, check help of AWS Ruby Client help.

Command-line Interface

>>> ./EHPC-EMR --terminate OPTIONS
All parameters should be in format parameter=value
--region, -r                region to start the cluster in,e.g. eu-west-1, us-east-1, default us-east-1
-id                         id of the job-flow to terminate
AWS Credentials:
--acessKey, -a              access to start the cluster with
--privateKey, -p            private key  to start tne cluster with
--key-pair, -kp             name of the keypair with start the cluster with
--key-pair-file, -kf        path of the keypair file

Example 1

terminate an EMR Cluster of id j-263276 in us-east-1

./EHPC-EMR –terminate -id=j-263276


Cluster Terminated

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